Innovation & Family Office


We have an unwavering commitment to our clients to continuously bring the latest research, technology and practices across all of our service offerings. Our clients are the reason we started this company, and we strive to make their experience as efficient, convenient and timely as possible. We strongly believe in transparency and working together as a partner with our clients to help them build their legacy.

"Opportunities come infrequently. When it rains gold, put out the bucket, not the thimble."
- Warren Buffet

Brad Ball


Brad is a founding member of Bison Holdings and 35+ year veteran in the Wealth Management industry. Brad currently focuses on the strategic direction and growth of Bison. Previously, Brad was the CEO for Perimeter Capital Management and CEO/Portfolio Manager for Liquid Strategies. He also served as Executive Vice President of a 70-billion-dollar investment advisory firm, Trusco Capital, owned by SunTrust Bank. Brad began his career with Empower Financial where his responsibilities grew to Senior Vice President. His entire career has been dedicated to the Institutional and High Net Worth marketplace.

Brad has a passion for creating innovative strategies designed to deliver defined outcomes for investors. During his tenure in the wealth industry, he has served on various Mutual Fund, Hedge and ETF boards and been a Director with several industry organizations. He has been a featured speaker at industry conferences, as well a guest on multiple investment shows including Bloomberg, Yahoo Finance, TD Ameritrade and the NYSE. Brad graduated with a finance degree from Oklahoma State University. He and his wife Lisa have five grown children and live in Atlanta, GA where they enjoy volunteering for various philanthropic organizations.

Family Office

Bison was founded by The Terry and Kim Pegula Family Office known as East Asset Management in conjunction with operating partner Teton Capital Partners founded by Brad Ball and his team of executives.

Our team has worked with ultra-high-net-worth families for decades, and that experience affords us the knowledge to bring those types of exclusive family office tools to Bison clients. Many of our advisors are geared towards handling a concentrated number of clients, allowing them to give each individual the time and attention they deserve.

Terry and Kim Pegula built their wealth through research and exploration in the oil and gas business. Over time they have expanded their wealth through investments in other industries, including sports and entertainment, as well as financial services. This connection has given us the experience to empower our clients who have substantial wealth to build a legacy for their families.

Charitable planning is often very important to our families. Not only do they want to give back to their communities, but they also need proper planning to ensure they get the tax benefits. We provide advice on charitable trust structures, donor-advised funds, community and private foundations, and other philanthropic planning opportunities. We advise our clients on the best way to give while reducing taxable income, capital gains taxes, and estate taxes.